Perlite Liquid Plant

Perlite Liquid Plant

Perlite Liquid Plant


Osk firm perlite is Turkey in the production factory and make factory installations abroad has the advanced experience and knowledge in plaster plant and machinery since 1995 to share these details with you, and feels extremely happy to get in touch with you .

  • Building a Perlite plaster factory is composed of great experience and knowledge. Our country, which has 75% perlite reserves in the world, could not make a way to produce perlite plaster instead of mantolama. Turkey also made amateur and manual dosing produced manually applied plaster with perlite always have had serious problems in the market and this plaster has come to a halt since the beginning of the manual applies.
  • OSK firm an excellent job of this process in a professional manner European standards (prescription) to prepare this work is the only company in Turkey that converts fabrication. It is ambitious with many factories abroad.

It is unrivaled with its excellent micro dosing system. The dosing augers and chemical silos made entirely of stainless steel with a precision of 20gr provide 8 weighing and dosing at the same time thanks to the special gas firing against vibrations and vibration in all kinds of media. Provides accurate weighing from 20gr to 50kg according to the given process (recipe). According to the product process from 30mm to 114mm spiral is attached. According to the given value, speed control system is activated at a rate of 50 g.

MIXING Osk automation has 2 dosing systems;

  • Chemical
  • Raw Material

Calcite, pumice, perlite, cement etc. It is suitable for both chemical and raw material dosing at the same time. It can make mass production in a perfect way. These designs and projects are made entirely of Osk machine experience and long-term experience.

In the mixer production, firstly,

  • Select the mixer which is the right and the most suitable for its own area.
  • Asking the order of the dosing

Perlite and having a great experience Oska dosing too firm CSR Giresun, which was established in Turkey, insulation, perlite plaster factory has been the largest single company. The perlite dosing is not the break of perlite and the loss of volume is the biggest wish of all users. That’s why Osk puts you in the hands of an extraordinary design production with a special perlite mixer. Meet in Turkey in this matter without delay with a single firm with Oska.

To produce the first in Turkey on plaster plaster machine application proud. With its special designed machine and its attachments (PFT G4) model with perlite plaster machine, with its long experience and long-time knowledge, it has perfect application of 250 kg to 600 kg perlite plaster. For more detailed information, please contact Osk.

Our company perlite plaster production, production project, production prescription and personnel training is mainly in the overseas, but in the process of preparing the perlite in the mixer volume loss and tone size is not distorted and has the experience of this company. In addition, the timed mixture of cement, chemical and perlite in the mixture is a very important information. Perlite selection, the dosage is very important, but offers an important prescription.

Osk has the knowledge of production according to the experience and knowledge of the machine and the harmony of the machines continues smoothly. Our company is the only company in Turkey about all these issues in the run and set up. Product and chemical dosing, automatic precision filling, bag insertion robot, product barcode software, bag ironing and dust removal options with full automatic operation, PCC software control and power panel manual, automatic operation; With minimum energy production, excellent project, Osk technology is the most heavy duty transportation platform to fully establish in place.


  • The application of mantolama (eps mantolaması) in today’s market leads to a very expensive and very risky combustion and a loss of heat over time. Eps prohibited carries serious risks in Turkey and abroad will still continue in the future constructed buildings suffered serious damage.
  • Perlite plaster is an extremely suitable solution for air-area sound insulation which gives excellent results in the electrical cable protection area in the interior facades which are absolutely no risk of burning in exterior and interior facades. The only solution that has no other alternative in this area will allow smooth plaster users to use pearlite plaster.