Construction Chemicals Plant

Construction Chemicals Plant

Construction Chemicals Plant

Types of Products We Provide Production;

  • Cement based machine plaster (white / gray)
  • Cement-based rough hand plaster
  • Cement based tile, ceramic, marble, granite adhesive
  • All types of joint filling
  • Adhesive and plaster for exterior insulation
  • Self-leveling screed (self leveling)
  • Colorful and Decorative Topcoat Plaster
  • Rough plaster on thin plasters
  • Cement based satin finishing plaster
  • Concrete repair mortars
  • Single-component insulations
  • Ready-made bunks
  • Lightweight plaster with Perlite
  • Hardeners for industrial floors
  • Decorative colored concrete printing systems
  • Molds, concrete
  • Insulated plasters and screeds
  • Cement based interior and exterior paints
  • Decorative looking plasters

Our machinery and equipment

  • Mixing wings structure and technology in mixer
  • Dosing system
  • Packaging
  • Aggregate distribution transferred to silos
  • Sieve analysis micronized distribution within the material
  • Crusher selection material structure
  • Creating all kinds of recipes with PLC
  • Ready-mixed mortar plants
  • Mixing and batching plants for dry and paste-like building materials
  • Drying and processing plants
  • Crushing and screening plants, conveying systems

With over 40 years of work experience, OSK MACHINE is at the service of the world market. turnkey building chemicals factory, mixer, dosing system, automation systems and packaging machines used in this field are produced in these factories.
With its experienced team, OSK aims to provide the highest efficiency with minimum cost by minimizing transportation costs in construction sector.
As the OSK family, we are proud to sign your projects that will enable you to transform your investments into high profits both today and in the future. In addition, we are always at your side with our products, solutions, high business ethics and after sales consultancy services. We continue to offer all these services with our first day excitement.

Why Choose OSK?

  • Good quality and friendly service.
  • Low cost and high efficiency.
  • State of the art machine design and equipment.
  • Service after consulting.
  • After-service technical support.
  • 40 years of work experience in the industry.
  • Production guarantee at European standards.

OSK plans, supplies and assembles mixing plants customized to your needs and within the specified time, ranging from materials handling and stockpiling, precise batching and weighing systems to packaging plants.

Particular attention is paid to the safety on site and during operation/shutdown of our plants. The intermediate storage of partly combustible/dust explosive additives requires high-level safety measures.

Services Provided by OSK MACHINE in European Standards

  • Factory installation
  • Capacity increase at the factory.
  • In-factory process improvement
  • Product formulations development
  • Providing a variety of products under one roof.
  • Providing Know-How technology.
  • Perform regional feasibility studies.
  • Performing regional material analysis.
  • Physical raw material analysis and laboratory investigations.