Automatic Bag Filling Machine

Automatic Bag Filling Machine

Automatic Bag Filling Machine


  • Electronic precision weighing
  • With pneumatic control system
  • Adjustable bag height
  • Bag filling nozzle cleaning
  • Heavy duty profile frame
  • Connection port for filter (suitable for suction with capacity of 1.000 m3 / hour)
  • Electronic weighing control unit (tare, reset)
  • Long life bearing in turbine
  • Additional subframe application for bag collection conveyor
  • Adjust the feet for the chassis balance
  • There are generally 3 types of packaging machine


  • Packing top bunker and level sensor
  • Package output conveyor / conveyors
  • Bag cleaning
  • Bag pressing
  • Jet-pulse dust filter

(Cement Filling Machine)

Valve bag filling machines; It provides filling of various types of bags with fast and precise weighing.
It is used for packaging of finished or semi-finished raw materials in accordance with the process flow.
As OSK, we have designed our Ventilli Bag Filling Machine with our knowledge and experience instead of reproducing it. We offer you the best Valve Bag Filling Machine with the advanced technology and design infrastructure we have.
It is capable of working with all kinds of valve bags (Kraft, PE, PP).


  • Provides the most suitable solution for packaging granular and powder products with medium and high density.
  • Precision (1%) and fast weighing
  • Double speed filling for precise weighing
  • Replaceable, wear-resistant rotor blades
  • 4-wing special wing design that improves filling efficiency
  • Modular and compact structure to be able to make sequential placement
  • Low dust and noise emissions
  • Special designed bagging mouth facilitating bag disposal
  • Turnable indicator according to operator position
  • Electronic safety button

Using Area

  • Cement
  • Plaster
  • All kinds of construction chemicals
  • Fuga
  • Barit
  • Chemical products
  • All kinds of dry powder mixtures
  • Granular or powdery foodstuffs
  • Granular or powdered feed and fertilizer
  • Granular or powdered cosmetics
Bag Type: Ventilli Bag (kraft, PE, PP v.s.)
Working Capacity: 300-350 t/h
Weighing range: 10 – 50 Kg
Filling Accuracy: Up to ± 1%
Motor power: 5,5 kW
Air requirement: 4 – 5 bar
Electricity Requirement: 380V 3F+N+G 50Hz
Compressed Air Connection: ½